Ready to earn money from watching Ads?

AdsFi is the first NFT platform to extract value from advertising for both businesses and customers. Not only providing chances for businesses to spread their products to customers in a positive way, AdsFi also pays special attention to the customer's experience with advertising. Users who view ads with AdsFi can not only earn money by sharing the profits of advertising revenue, but also by making purchases with special sales or even increasing their knowledge and participation in the marketing field or content creation as well.

Best Features

Explore the new world of marketing

Watching Ads

Users who own AdsFi NFT can watch advertisement video to earn reward.
Each NFT will have their own limited advertisement amount per day.


Our AdsFi project will be partnered with other products to offer our user affiliation features. Users can share the advertisement video to their network to get rewards from the affiliation campaign. Each user will have their own referral link to share.

Sponsor events

AdsFi has a strategy to expand the ecosystem along with events in combination with sponsors such as taking up product surveys, completing a series of tasks to earn big reward


In the Marketplace, users can sell/buy their NFTs

Rating Ads

Rating products of AdsFi's Partners to earn $ADS, Voucher, Gift from Sponsors when your rating meet the requirements.


When the limited advertisement amount per day is reached, user can still watch more non-profit advertisement to join competition in our Leaderboard and earn rewards weekly or monthly

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An original team of developers/creators

Liam V
Head of blockchain/CEO
Nathan Ng
Robert Ng 
Alan Ng 
Jeremy Le
Front-end Developer
Juro Ng 
Back-end Developer